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Safway’s Siemek Named President of Coating Society


Twenty-eight Year Industry Veteran to Lead Houston-Area Organization

WAUKESHA, Wis. February 17, 2015 — Safway Group’s Vice President of Multiservices Tim Siemek has been elected 2015 President of the Coating Society of the Houston Area. An active participant in the Society for over 15 years, Siemek served the past three years on the executive board in various positions.

“I am deeply honored to have the privilege of serving as the 2015 President of the Coating Society of the Houston Area,” states Siemek. “I look forward to working side-by-side with other board members, all volunteers from various companies who have dedicated their time to our cause, as we strive to accomplish the Society’s goals.”

By having a broad-based membership, the Coating Society of the Houston Area helps to foster and support best practices for the industry as a whole. “I would like to thank each of the board participants and Society members for their dedication, hard work and personal perseverance,” says Siemek. “These are the components that make the Coating Society of the Houston Area the success it is.”

Safway strives to support and improve the industries it serves, he said, adding, “I look forward to working to improve our industry alongside my fellow society leaders and members,” states Siemek.

Educating tomorrow’s coatings directors in corrosion prevention is critical to advancing the industry. “There is a growing need for corrosion prevention,” explains Siemek. “By providing instruction and sharing our knowledge base on safe, best practices, we will ensure that future industry pioneers will have an in-depth understanding of the mitigation of this industry-wide problem. I hope to be able to continue the legacy left by all the board members over the last 50-plus years and with the support of every member, I know that we can make 2015 the best year yet!”

Siemek is a 28-year veteran of the coatings industry. Since joining Safway Group in November 2012, Siemek has focused on ensuring the delivery of high performance scaffold, insulation and painting (SIP) products and expertise.

As President of the Coating Society of the Houston Area, Siemek will focus on education advocacy for the mitigation and prevention of corrosive damage through the disbursement of both academic and non-academic scholarships; serve as chairman for trade show committees; participate in special scholarship fundraising; and facilitate the by-laws of the Society. Established in 1956, the Coating Society of the Houston Area serves owners, suppliers and contractors as a channel to share ideas and best practices for the control and mitigation of corrosion-related issues through the utilization of protective coatings and surface preparations. In the past five years alone, the Coating Society of the Houston Area has awarded more than 50 academic scholarships totaling over $60,000. Additionally, it has begun to partner with the NACE foundation, which awarded an additional $10,000 in 2014 for industry-specific scholarships.

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